This year of the Narrative Lectionary affords us a unique opportunity. It is year 3 that focuses on the Gospel of Luke, so we get to end Advent and preach Christmas as the natural beginning point of our journey through this Gospel. I have been on vacation for the past two weeks, so I missed the launch last week, but I return to work tomorrow and will preach on Christmas morning (the senior pastor gets to preach five times on Christmas Eve).

So, in preparation for this beautiful journey through the Luke-Acts narrative, I thought I would pull together some resources so that you can dig in with me.

The Bible Bookshelf. This is my ongoing pet project. I have been slowly building a library of artwork and writing for all the books of the Bible. If you peruse through the shelves you will see that some books have a ton of material while others are still waiting. The original goal for this was to keep it contained to my own work, but now I have begun to create links to other sites. Feel free to browse and share.[divider]

The Bible Project. If you follow me at all, you know that these guys are my current heroes. They combine art and Bible scholarship in an amazing way. There are three resources specifically for Luke that they offer:

  1. The Read Scripture series. I’ve embedded those videos on my Bible Bookshelf.
  2. Their current podcast is working through Luke.
  3. They are about to launch a five-part fully animated series on Luke. I can’t wait for this to be released. I will post about them as soon as they come out.[divider]

Enter the Bible. This is the online Bible resource produced by Luther Seminary. This is good scholarship.[divider]

The Narrative Lectionary. These are the founding scholars of the NL. They produce a weekly commentary and podcast that is very helpful.[divider]

Grace Learning Center. This is an online forum in which you can listen to the sermons and interact with others about the Big Idea.[divider]

Here is a quick index to every post I’ve written about the Gospel of Luke:

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I hope you will follow along as we preach through this amazing account of Jesus’ life and ministry.

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