Explore the life of Jesus as a graphic novel. I’ve spent the last four years illustrating each Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These are not dramatic re-tellings of the stories. Think of these books as an illustrated summary of the texts. They are designed to help you see the passages as you read them in your Bible.

For Bible Students

The website (cartoonistbible.com) offers free access to all the pages, plus tons of commentaries and links to other online resources to study the stories of Jesus more deeply.

For Teachers and Preachers

I’ve created a PowerPoint presentation and an image pack for every page of these books. These slides/images are designed to enhance your teaching and preaching so that you can walk through the text one panel and one word balloon at a time. You can use as many of these images as you want and intersperse them into your own sermon and teaching slides.

See the example below…

Are you teaching through Matthew in the new year?

Both the Revised Common Lectionary and the Narrative Lectionary are focusing on Matthew in 2023. You might want to consider downloading the Matthew Mega Pack. This one download has EVERY SLIDE for the entire Gospel of Matthew. That’s right, ONE CLICK and you’ve got all the images for the whole year. Check it out.

Here are some sample pages from Matthew…

Join me every Monday at 4:00pm Central Time for a live Bible study on Zoom.

These sessions include:

  • a presentation of the visual resources for the lectionary texts for the week,
  • live discussion around the texts,
  • previews and behind-the-scenes peeks at what is happening at A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible

The video of the session remains available on the network to view at any time, in case you can’t make it for the live session.

This is a part of the Cartoonist’s Bible Network. I’d love to have you join us.

Explore Every Book of the Bible

Find cartoons, illustrations, videos, commentaries, and other helpful information about every book of the Bible.

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