Spend six weeks with me digging in to the story of Jesus’ life according to Luke. This version of the Gospel paints Jesus as a defender of the weak, the oppressed, and the outcast. 

Travel with Jesus as he walks across the countryside boldly proclaiming that the Good News of God’s Kingdom is for EVERYBODY.

This study will be a nice complement to our preaching series at Easter Lutheran Church as we follow the Narrative Lectionary. It will frame the context of the stories and help fill in the gaps between sermon texts. 

Each session will be held live on Zoom on Sunday nights.

First Session: Sunday, January 10, 6:30pm on Zoom

The course will be online at the-faith-journey.com where you can watch the session recordings in your own time and space.

Whether you are with us in real time, or take the course on your own, this will be six weeks worth investing in your growing relationship with God to help you carry on the work of Jesus Christ.

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