Luke 11:1-13

There are two lessons to be learned in this passage.

  1. God invites you to ask. Contrary to the opinion of the day, both Jewish and pagan, God is eager to hear from His children. The point of the first parable is that if a man who is comfortably in bed will eventually get up and answer the door if the knocker is persistent, how much more will God, who wants to answer the door, open the door when we knock. You don’t have to hem or haw, you don’t have to beg and plead, God is your Father and He desires to shower His blessing on you.
  2. The second lesson is the one we tend to overlook. Typically we see this passage as a “blank check policy” with God. You ask for it, and God will give it to you, no matter what it is. That is not what this passage is saying. In the final verse, we see the point of the passage. God wants to give us something specific. He wants to give us the gift of His Holy Spirit. All we have to do is ask. We you take this passage in context with the entire book of Luke you will see that Jesus is correcting the teaching of the day. The teachers of the Law said that only certain, privileged people were worthy of receiving God’s blessing. And even fewer people would be annointed with the Holy Spirit, and then only temporarily. Jesus says, “things are different in my Kingdom. In my Kingdom everyone is welcome to come to God and ask Him for the Holy Spirit. If you truly seek God, desire to be a servant in His Kingdom, then God is joyfully willing to poor out His Spirit on anyone, young or old, man or woman, slave or free, healthy or sick, sinner or saint. We simply need to ask for it, and He will begin to do His transforming work in us. In Jesus’ day this was radical teaching. In our day, let’s not twist this passage into a selfserving power trip and make God a cosmic vending machine that feeds our desires. His Kingdom come and His will be done!

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