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be still and know

Breakfast and Poustinia

Welcome to by break-fast post! The digital fast has ended. I spent the last three weeks on a personal vacation which included a fast from social media and most digital media in general. I say most digital media because I did create some art on my iPad (but I didn’t share it or peek at […]

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Growing Out of Hell

What is the purpose and process of spiritual formation? That is a question that fuels my life’s work. I am currently reading (listening to) Richard Rohr’s Book Hidden Things: Scripture as Spirituality and it has reaffirmed and contributed to my understanding of the purpose and process of spiritual formation. It has also sparked the series […]

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what is my worldview

What is Your Image of God?

Our groups studying the book Renew Your Life by Kai Nilsen are underway! One group meets on Wednesday Evening and another group meets on Sunday Evening. Both groups are already engaging in deep and meaningful conversation. This week we discussed the first renewable energy: Grace. Everything–life itself–is a gift from God. When we can reimagine […]

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