This is page 10 of A Cartoonist’s Guide to Luke. It depicts Luke 8:22-56.

I have been working on this project since last fall. The book has 24 pages, total. I completed 16 of them while we were preaching through Luke, following the Narrative Lectionary between Christmas and Easter. The goal for this summer is to complete the eight pages I skipped. This is the third of those eight unfinished pages.

Each page comes with a PowerPoint presentation and image pack that allows you to walk through the story panel-by-panel. This can be a helpful tool for preachers and teachers who want to present the text in a fresh way. 


These downloads are a labor of love, designed to give you visual resources for your preaching, teaching, and Bible Study. Download them for free, or pay whatever you would like to contribute to the ongoing work of A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible.

Preview the PowerPoint

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