In this episode I’ll show you two things:

First, I drew a color coded outline of the Gospel of Luke. This will become our road map.

Second, I show you how to create a graphic novel script in Scrivener and format it to paste into the Comic Draw App on the iPad.

Jump to the section that interests you.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Color-Coded Outline of Luke
2:08 – Using Scrivener
2:56 – The Comic Script Template
4:40 – Formatting for the Comic Draw App
6:25 – The Script Binder
6:44 – Three Ways to View a Document
7:28 – The Research Binder
7:57 – Formatting the Index Card
9:59 – The Split Screen View
11:05 – Writing the Script
12:40 – Conclusion

Check out Scrivener

Check out Comic Draw App 

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