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The Journey is a series of videos designed to guide you on your spiritual journey that leads deeper into the love of God. It is designed around three questions:

Where Am I?

Where Am I Going?

How Do I Get There?

Use these videos at your own pace as a personal tool or with your small group.


The Three Basic Questions

The Journey is built around three basic questions:

Where Am I?

Where Am I Going?

How Will I Get There?


Scripture Reading Plan

Reading scripture on a regular basis is a core practice for the Journey. You may want to use the Read Scripture App to help you along the way. 

My Story

Everyone Has a Story

The Journey begins by learning to reflect on your own story, how it has shaped you, and how to share it with a trusted companion.

Three Pictures of God

Everyone has a worldview through which they interpret their experiences. Most people have never reflected on the world view in which they were raised and how it impacts their perspective.

Mapping Your Messy Family Tree

Like it or not, you are shaped by the family or organizational system that raised you. A genogram is a helpful tool to sort through the relationships that helped forge your personality.

My Style

Using the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator

Each person is a unique creation and has something to contribute to the world. Using tools like the MBTI helps to indentify the uniqueness. It also helps us understand why others are different.

The Dangers of Personality Type Tools

We must use some caution when using personality type tools. There are some pitfalls we need to avoid in order to not become judmental or trapped in a rigid legalism.

How Personality Styles Play Out

This video offers a personal example of how personality types have played out in my own family system.

My Baggage

Checking Your Baggage

It is a natural tendency of the human to accumulate bags full of shame, self-doubt, and the scars of harmful behavior. Forgiveness is the key to freedom.

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown offers a masterful explanation of why vulnerability is the key to learning to forgive self and others.

Half-Time Speech

So far, you’ve asked, “Where Am I?” and have been focused on yourself. Now it is time to ask, “Where Am I Going?” 

Our destination is to grow deeper in the love of God, through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the world.

God the Creator

God the Creator

God is the placeholder word for the source and creator of all life. How might it change our life if we recognize the Creator?

My Part in God’s Creation

God created all things and called it good. All things belong to God. We have a role to play as stewards of God’s good creation.

The Triune God

One of the deepest mysteries of the Christian scripture is that God is identified as three distinct persons: traditionally named the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. How can this be if the Bible also clearly states that there is only one true God?

God the Redeemer

Who is Jesus?

Most people don’t debate that a Jewish man named Jesus of Nazareth lived in the first century and caused a big stir in his region with his teaching. How can this man be considered God in the flesh?

How is Jesus in bread and wine?

A core Christian practice is called communion, or the eucharist, or the Lord’s Supper. Why do Christians make such a big deal about bread and wine?

Why Are We Obsessed with the Cross?

The cross was the preferred means of executing criminals in the Roman Empire. It is brutal and nasty. Why do Christians where pretty golden ones around their necks and hang them on their walls?

God the Sustainer

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The power and activity of God is called the Spirit of God, or the Holy Spirit. The Spirt is depicted as wind, fire, and water. What does this mean and is it active today?

Why Should We Be Baptized?

Most Christians believe that baptism is an essential part of the faith journey. Yet, Christians disagree about why, how, and when we should be baptized.

How to Keep Going on the Journey


You’ve completed the Journey videos. How do you keep moving forward and growing deeper in your Journey for the rest of your life?

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