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The Nectar Trilogy

The Gray family has been torn apart. Imprisoned within their own dimensions, each member of the family must learn to interact with the people of Meribah and fight to make their family whole again.

Book One: Pleroma

In a desperate attempt to escape another violent encounter with his father, Lane Gray hides himself and is thrown into another world. They think he is the Pleroma, their long awaited Savior, sent to deliver them from the hands of their oppressors. He thinks they are figments of his coma-induced subconscious guiding him toward waking up. Either way, he has to fight to get home and save his little brother.

Book Two: Amo

Josh has been plagued by dreams that reveal information he can’t possibly know. Heather has been pulled into the orbit of the Gray family’s secrets. Lane, Heather, and Josh are thrown back into Meribah to confront their worst nightmare: the goddess Amo.

This book is almost finished. click here to get updates.

Book Three: Nephesheem

coming someday…

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