“humans become the God we worship.” I read those words this morning in Richard Rohr’s meditation. Rohr has picked up the theme of the Trinity again in his daily meditations. This gets me very excited because the Trinity was at the heart of my dissertation. I could geek out about it for hours.

This phrase captures me especially today for another reason. This week we are reading and preaching from Luke 10:25-42. The Narrative Lectionary forces us to bring the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan into conversation with the story of Martha and Mary.

The two words that are capturing my imagination in these passages are listening and distracted. It makes me want to zoom out from these texts and go back to last week’s passage and hear the voice of God saying, “this is my Son, listen to him!

Everything that happens between that moment and the Martha and Mary story is about those who listen to Jesus and see demons flee, and those who are too distracted by “good things” to hear what Jesus has to say about the Kingdom of God.

We are too distracted by the God that we want God to be, that we can’t see or hear the God that Jesus shows God to be. Listen to more of Rohr’s words,

Humans become the God we worship. So it is quite important that our God is good and life giving. That’s why we desperately need a worldwide paradigm shift in Christian consciousness regarding how we perceive and relate to God. This shift has been subtly yet profoundly underway for some time, hiding in plain sight.

The slowly-dawning revelation of Trinity was supposed to have radically altered our image of God, but for the most part it did not. The old dualistic hardwiring was too ingrained. In order to come together in politics and religion, to take new scientific findings in biology and quantum physics seriously, and for our species and our planet to even survive we must reclaim Relationship as the foundation and ground of everything.

Here some animations I created for my dissertation that introduce the Social Trinity of which Rohr speaks. Enjoy!

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