Drawing is seeing. Seeing is understanding. Understanding is the beginning of wisdom.

A Cartoonist’s Guide to Holy Week Downloads

Download this 9-page graphic novel of Holy Week AND a PowerPoint containing 61 images that walk through the story step-by-step.

A Cartoonist’s Guide to Holy Week Graphic Novella

Read the story of Jesus’ final week in graphic novel style. View this 9-page novella online, or download the PDF.

Art Hangouts During COVID-19 Lock Down

Looking to pass the time during covid-19 social distancing? Join me on Facebook for live art hangouts.

Day Off Doodle | Caricature of The Raptor and Mina Okafor

Took some art therapy today and painted this caricature in Procreate on my iPad. This is The Raptor and Dr. Okafor from the TV Show The Resident. Enjoy!

More Star Wars Fan Art

Here’s some more fan art. I did this in the Procreate App on the iPad Pro using Gouache brushes. This is therapy for me. Enjoy!

A Day Off Doodle of Star Wars Fan Art

Had a chance to sit down on Monday (my day off) and spend three uninterrupted hours in the studio. This is what came from it. Painted in the Procreate App on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil using, primarily, the Gouache MaxPack brushes.

Join us this Saturday for live music, a live painting, and worship

Join us this Saturday, September 14, at 5:00 at Easter Lutheran Church on the Hill (4200 Pilot Knob Road, Eagan MN 55122) for an night of art and worship. We will have: Live musicI will paint an image on a large canvas throughout the service (see past examples...

Plen Air Painting in Guatemala

Two things happened this summer that expanded my experience as an artist. The first is that I discovered an artist named James Gurney. He does amazing plen air sketches in gouache paint that just blow my mind. The second thing that happened is I had the opportunity to...

Guatemala Day 8: Decompression in Antigua

Today was wonderful in so many ways. It was the perfect blend of things for my personality. First, I was very fortunate to have a room to myself (thank you, Diego). I didn’t ask for it, but I’m not complaining. That allowed me to have my normal introverted time early...

Another Day Off Doodle – Dumbledore Caricature

Had a couple hours this afternoon to do this quick study in Corel Painter 2016.







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