A daunting challenge has been set before us as preachers this week. We kick off the CORE worship series with the topic: Jesus is God’s Best Idea Ever! This is a clever way of tackling the theological categories of Christology (the study of who Jesus is and why his existence is important) and Justification (the study of how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection makes us “right” or “justified” with God). How do we accomplish this task in a weekend message that can only last between 15-20 minutes?

I’m not sure yet.

Here is my visual meditation on the topic and the texts from this morning. The two chosen texts are Galatians 2:16-21 and Luke 24:44-49.


For more about the “trust sandwich” read here. And this is my worksheet on the Galatians text…

For more about the “Way of the Cross” read here. This is my worksheet on the Luke text…


For more about the Transcendence/Immanence/Incarnation piece, read here and here.

You might also be interested in these videos on the topic from the OMG! Can We Talk About God Course.

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