I am an artist, a pastor, and a teacher. I use cartooning to make resources that help people grow deeper in God’s love.

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Download PowerPoints, Image Packs, and PDFs to help you with your personal study, preaching, and teaching.

Resources for Small Groups

Is your small group looking for the next study? I’ve compiled the resources that I have created over the years and placed them on one page. Browse through books, videos, animations, and online tools to find just the right fit for your group.

Resources for Preachers and Teachers

Browse through a library of downloadable PowerPoints, Image Packs, Videos, Sermons, and visual commentaries to help craft your next sermon or lesson.

My Mission

It is my desire to use all the gifts, passions, and experience that God has given me to help others grow deeper in the love of God, through Jesus Christ, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the world.

Explore Every Book of the Bible

Find cartoons, illustrations, videos, commentaries, and other helpful information about every book of the Bible.

Spiritual Formation

Find resources to explore the practices of spiritual formation to grow deeper in the love of God.

from the blog

What Does it Mean to Be Born Again? | A Visual Guide and Commentary on John 3:1-21

A visual commentary on the conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus in John 3:1-21.

Drawing through John, Episode 2: Using ComicDraw

Join me behind the scenes as I show you how I use the ComicDraw App to create graphic novel pages.

A Visual Guide to John 2:13-25 | Jesus Cleanses the Temple

A visual commentary on the scene when Jesus cleanses the temple in John 2:13-25. It also explores the nature of anger and when and why it is appropriate.

Jesus’ First Sign, Water into Wine

Jesus’ first sign happens at a wedding party. He turns water into wine. What is the meaning of this sign?

Study the Gospel of John With Me in the New Year

Join me for a 7-week online course on the Gospel of John. It starts February 6.

My Artwork from 2021

A Gallery of my art from 2021

John 1:35-51 | Jesus Calls His First Disciples

Jesus calls his first disciples in John 1:35-51. They ask him, “where do you dwell?” He says, “Come and see.”

Reading the Christmas Story

Hear and see the Nativity story from Luke 2:1-20.

When A Snowstorm Makes a Video | A Reading of John 1:1-18

A Reading of John 1:1-18 for the visual learner. This is the prologue to the Gospel of John. It is a beautiful poem that portrays Jesus as the Word of God through which all things were created and the glory of God was revealed in human flesh.

Books for Christmas Gifts

Do you have someone in your life who enjoys young adult fantasy and/or graphic novels? These books might make great Christmas gifts for them.

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