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welcome-2It is my desire to create visually interesting resources to help you grow deeper into the love of God. 


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Between | Why I’m Freaked Out About the Relationship Retreat

A terrifying event quickly approaches. It’s called the Ninth Grade Relationship Retreat. One part of my job description requires me to lead a weekend retreat for our ninth grade confirmation students in which we discuss love, dating, and healthy sexual boundaries. I told this to my four adult children (ages 18-25). They spontaneously and unanimously […]

Jesus before Pilate 2_0010_no king but emporer

Here, Your King | A Visual Meditation on John 19:1-16a

The Narrative Lectionary takes us to John 19:1-16a this week. This is the second half of the trial of Jesus before Pilate. The story is divided into seven scenes. We looked at scenes 1-3 last week. This week we finish the story with scenes 4-7. Feel free to use these images in your teaching and […]

Jesus and Pilate_0008_what is truth

What is Truth? | A Sermon on John 18:28-40

The trial of Jesus before Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea, takes place in seven scenes. This sermon walks through the first three scenes in John 18:28-40. We explore that age old question, “What is Truth?” The answer might surprise you. View this post to see the images from the PowerPoint.


Peter’s Denial | A Sermon on John 18:1-27

Do you ever feel like you have to pretend to be someone else in order to survive? This sermon explores the story of Peter’s Denial of Jesus and what leads us to do the things we don’t want to do. The good news is that Jesus waits for us on the other side of our […]