I am an artist, a pastor, and a teacher. I use cartooning to make resources that help people grow deeper in God’s love.


Resources for Small Groups

Is your small group looking for the next study? I’ve compiled the resources that I have created over the years and placed them on one page. Browse through books, videos, animations, and online tools to find just the right fit for your group.

Resources for Preachers and Teachers

Browse through a library of downloadable PowerPoints, Image Packs, Videos, Sermons, and visual commentaries to help craft your next sermon or lesson.

My Mission

It is my desire to use all the gifts, passions, and experience that God has given me to help others grow deeper in the love of God, through Jesus Christ, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the world.

Explore Every Book of the Bible

Find cartoons, illustrations, videos, commentaries, and other helpful information about every book of the Bible.

Spiritual Formation

Find resources to explore the practices of spiritual formation to grow deeper in the love of God.

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An Overview of 1 Kings | From David to Elijah

Explore Every Book of the BibleFind cartoons, illustrations, videos, commentaries, and other helpful information about every book of the Bible.

Drawing Through Luke: Episode 1

This episode introduces the project. The goal is to make a graphic novel style rendition of the Gospel of Luke.

A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible Has It’s Own Website Now

Check out A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible’s new website.www.cartoonistbible.com

Half-Way Through Inktober2020

Need a little art therapy?  I'm doing Inktober again this year. This time I'm doing it all in the Procreate App on my iPad. Today marks the halfway point. Click the button to view the gallery. Enjoy! yesterday's prompt: Armor. view gallery to see them all.

What are the American gods?

What are the American gods that distract us and pull us away from the God revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai and made flesh in Jesus?

Spending Quiet Time with God

One of the basic practices to grow in faith is carving out time each day to spend quiet time with God. This video offers 5 basic components that might help you structure your time. If this topic interests you, consider joining me for the How to Grow in Faith six-week...

A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Golden Calf in Exodus 32

This PowerPoint helps the preacher tell the backstory of Exodus 7-31 in order to preach on the Golden Calf incident in Exodus 32:1-14. There are 34 slides that colorfully walk through the story.

The Two “R”s of Spiritual Formation

What does it take to grow in faith? Is it possible? What are the basics of Spiritual Formation? These are the core questions driving our upcoming Webinar on Sunday, October 4 called "How to Grow in Faith." (Register for the Webinar). In this post I will reflect on...

How Tired is Your Amen? A Sermon from Genesis 15:1-6

Abram began to doubt God’s promise. God took Abram under the night sky and said “count the stars” that’s how many children you will have. Abram’s “Amen” needed reassurance. He said Amen and it was reckoned to him as righteousness.

For One Who is Exhausted, A Blessing by John O’Donohue

I woke up exhausted this morning. Sleep eluded me again last night. The endless hours of Zoom and the disembodied contected disconnection takes its toll on the spirit. The Holy Spirit moved, yet again, in the early morning, through the most unlikely vehicle of...
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