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My work is a fusion of ART and THEOLOGY.

My goal is to provide visually interesting tools to help you grow deeper in the love of God.



Explore various practices and pathways to grow deeper in the love of God, through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the world.

The Latest From the Blog

Guatemala Day 5: Leaving Maya Itza

Today had two major sections. First, we began the day with a final meeting at the new church building. The church leaders officially presented their plans to us and we presented the gifts from Easter Lutheran to the church in Maya Itza (officially known as Iglesia...

Guatemala Day 4: A Day in Maya Itza

I’m sitting in the bus on Friday, August 23, finally able to stop and reflect on all that happened yesterday. We have ten hour drive, so there is plenty of time. A quick funny story about today’s bus ride before I reflect on yesterday. The road leading in and out of...

Guatemala Day 3: Arriving in Maya Itza

Bombil Pek is beautiful in the morning. We arrived there after dark last night, so the group was wonderfully surprised to see the lucious gardens that sprawled around the buildings. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and piled into our bus at 8:30am. Today’s drive took us...

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