I am an artist, a pastor, and a teacher. I use cartooning to make resources that help people grow deeper in God’s love.

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Download PowerPoints, Image Packs, and PDFs to help you with your personal study, preaching, and teaching.

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Is your small group looking for the next study? I’ve compiled the resources that I have created over the years and placed them on one page. Browse through books, videos, animations, and online tools to find just the right fit for your group.

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Browse through a library of downloadable PowerPoints, Image Packs, Videos, Sermons, and visual commentaries to help craft your next sermon or lesson.

My Mission

It is my desire to use all the gifts, passions, and experience that God has given me to help others grow deeper in the love of God, through Jesus Christ, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the world.

Explore Every Book of the Bible

Find cartoons, illustrations, videos, commentaries, and other helpful information about every book of the Bible.

Spiritual Formation

Find resources to explore the practices of spiritual formation to grow deeper in the love of God.

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God Calls David in 1 Samuel 16:1-13

The Narrative Lectionary brings us to 1 Samuel 16:1-13 this week. The first fifteen chapters of 1 Samuel tell the story of Samuel, the last judge of Israel, and Saul, the first King of Israel. Saul didn’t work out well and God sent Samuel to find a true heart that was ready to be a godly king.

Getting Ramped up to Study the Gospel of John

Get a behind the scenes look at A Cartoonist’s Guide to John as we begin this project.

How to Study the Bible Course Begins This Sunday…Join Us!

Learn practical tools for how to study the Bible in this six-week online course.

Genesis and Exodus Pages Updated…More Free Visual Resources

Check out the updated Genesis and Exodus pages at A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible.

Walk Through Genesis 12-23 | Abraham and Sarah

Genesis 12-23 tells the story of God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah.

The Garden of Eden | Genesis 2-3

Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? This is an age old question. The ancient Hebrew people told this story, found in Genesis chapters 2 and 3, to address this complex issue. God created human life to be in relationship with God, nature, and each...

How to Study the Bible | Join the Course

Learn how to study the Bible in this online course.

Genesis 1:1-2:4a | The Days of Creation

Read Genesis 1:1-2:4a like the opening pages of a graphic novel. Elohim hovers over the surface of the deep and brings order out of chaos.

Unboxing the Gospel of Luke

Join me as I unbox the Gospel of Luke Graphic novel, fresh from the printer!

The Blessing in Numbers 6:22-27

Visually explore the beauty of this poetic blessing found in Numbers 6:22-27.

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