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Hebrew Poetry Announcement

The Hebrew Poetry Unit is Now Online

The Hebrew Poetry Unit is now available at This is a continuation of our walk through the entire Hebrew Bible for our Confirmation Program at Easter Lutheran Church. Check out The Bible Project Videos Visit A Cartoonist’s Guide to Hebrew Poetry and Wisdom

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Finding Our Way through Fire and Water

Thirty years have passed. The little boys of Matthew chapters 1 and 2 are now grown up. Elizabeth’s son, John, is a wild man, living out in the wilderness, eating locusts and honey, wearing a robe made of camel’s hair. He is preaching a bombastic message of repentance and coming judgment, and people are flocking […]

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Matthew Page 6 is Now Online | Jesus is a Rock Star

Page 6 of The Cartoonist’s Guide to Matthew covers Matthew 8:1-9:34. It provides a high speed montage of Jesus’ ministry of healing and power. He heals the marginalized and demonstrates power over the Sea, the demons, and Sin itself. The news of Jesus’ power spreads across the countryside. The crowds love him, the religious leaders […]

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