The text for this week is Luke 5:1-11. I am not preaching, so I probably won’t dive too deeply into it this week. I thought I would offer up two resources for you.

First, here is the commentary on the calling of the disciples that I wrote in The Life of Jesus,

We end our session reading the story of the first round of followers that Jesus called. This is an appropriate thought to follow up the previous section on baptism. Notice what happened when Jesus called these men. They did not just say, “Yes, Jesus, we agree that you are the Messiah. Hope you have a great ministry.” Instead, they dropped their nets and followed Him. For these men their nets represented their very livelihood. They were fishermen. Without nets how would they provide for their needs? When Jesus called them, they left everything they knew to be safe and secure and walked with Him.

Coming to the end of this first session perhaps you have noticed that encountering the story of Jesus is not just a casual pastime. From the outset we are confronted with Jesus. He does not mess around. Jesus calls us to Him. He calls us to commitment, dedication, and purpose. Why? Because He wants to be a task-master and make our lives miserable? No. He invites us to this high calling because He has His eyes fixed on what is real. He knows that if we are willing to take Him up on the invitation and follow Him along the way, that He will lead us to places of love, joy, and truth that we never dreamed possible in our limited experiences. I hope that you are ready to follow Him along the rest of this journey. – (The Life of Jesus, p. 16)

You can get the Life of Jesus study here.

The Bible Project LogoSecond, I listened to the next podcast on the Gospel of Luke that Tim and John made from the Bible Project. It is so good, as usual.
Listen to the podcast.


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