Read Luke 6:37-42

There are two points to make about this passage; 1) What it does say, and 2) what it doesn’t say.

First, it does say to not judge others. To judge someone is to sit in the place of God and presume to know their heart. There is only one judge and that is God. Your job is not to point the finger at everyone else (like the Pharisees were so good at doing) and point out their flaws. Your job is to look at yourself and make sure your heart is clean.

Second, this passage does not say that there is no standard by which people will be judged. A common theme in our popular culture is that of “tolerance” which calls people to “not judge” each other and openly accept any and every form of behavior that a person may choose. Many proponents of this philosophy look to this passage as scriptural support. ERROR! Jesus was not calling for tolerance here. He was calling for humility and a loving spirit.

The fact is that God does have a standard and He will judge the fruit of a person’s life. There is a measuring stick of “right” and “wrong” and a means by which we can know the difference. The point of Jesus’ teaching is that WE DON’T OWN THE STICK!! Elsewhere in the New Testament Christians are urged to “exhort” and “admonish” one another and to “spur one another on to love and good deeds.” Those in the tolerance camp would consider this to be judgmental activity. Not so. It is possible to lovingly and humbly come along side one another for correction and edification.

Just remember the “golden rule” and you will not go wrong. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. If you were wrong, how would you want someone to point it out to you: with an accusing finger, or with a loving arm around the shoulder? Check you measuring cup before you speak or act.

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