Read Luke 6:43-49

Solomon repeated to his boys the words of his father, David, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” In today’s passage we find another son of David speaking to his spiritual sons, “out of the overflow of the heart a man speaks.”

The heart is the center of who we are; it is our inner being. Nothing we do on the outside, no amount of good works — giving to the poor, preaching the Bible, attending church, etc. — can affect the inner heart. We may be good at faking it and acting like a good

Christian, but only the condition of the inside is what matters to God. If our heart is right then our behaviors will automatically be pleasing to God.

The point is that we should focus on getting our hearts right before God through humbly submitting to Him and letting Him transform us from the inside out. Many times people talk about having a “fruit inspection” to see if our behaviors are becoming of a child of God. Perhaps a better pursuit would be to take a “root inspection” and see if our heart is grounded in the heart of God and producing the fruit of His Kingdom in our lives.

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