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Five big worldview questions

Why the Incarnation is So Important

I had another convergence experience this morning. It was the convergence of our text for this week, John 3:1-21, with Richard Rohr’s daily meditation, and the presentation I made to our 9th graders this past Sunday. First, our text records the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus. Nicodemus is “in the dark” and Jesus said that […]

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Trinity Knot November 2017

A Trinity Knot

If you have spent any time around my blog or in earshot of my teaching ministry, then you know that I geek out about the Trinity. The Social Trinity was the theological underpinning of my dissertation. (Geek out here) So, of course, the Trinity wove its way into my Inktober experience. Here is the simple […]

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Why Jesus?

What’s the big deal about Jesus? Wasn’t he just another dude who lived a long time ago in a culture that is so different from ours that anything he said has no bearing on our situation? That’s a valid question. This post is a visual exploration of why I think Jesus had to come. John […]

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