Some reflections on Luke 5:1-11. This is the Narrative Lectionary text for January 24, 2021.

Jesus met Simon where he worked. Simon, James and John were commercial fishermen. They were on this beach every morning, cleaning their nets. 

It was just another day at the office when Jesus showed up.

Simon already knew that Jesus was a great teacher and a healer. That’s probably why he was willing to humor him on this strange request.

Then something amazing happened. Jesus turned an ordinary fishing trip into something extraordinary.

Simon recognized instantly that he was dealing with more than a great teacher and healer. Jesus had power over the fish and the deep itself.

Simon is in the presence of God.

No longer does Simon address Jesus merely as “Master.” That was a title of respect, but Jesus deserves more than that. Simon calls him “Lord.”

This term is the same as the Hebrew name for God: Yahweh. 

It is the name God told Moses at the burning bush. Simon is confronted by the holiness of God…

Simon is undone in the presence of the divine. Just like Moses and Isaiah. 

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Jesus doesn’t scold Simon. He transforms him. Simon’s humility before the divine is exactly what makes him perfect for the mission of God’s Kingdom.

God doesn’t want perfect people (because they don’t exist). God wants us to be humble and open to what God is doing.

Simon doesn’t do this alone. This experience was shared by a whole team of fishermen. Jesus called them all and they were willing to put down their means of making a living and open their hands to the calling God had for them.

We are not meant to do God’s work alone. Jesus needed partners, as so do we.


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