I hate waiting. I have lived enough of my life with technology that offers instant gratification that it makes waiting for anything seemingly unbearable. Perhaps that is why I am captured by the invisible text from today.

The Narrative Lectionary Daily Reading for today is Luke 2:39-52. It is the one glimpse into Jesus’ life as a boy. He is twelve years old and he sneaks off to the temple to hang out with the teachers while his parents walk off, oblivious to his absence.

The obvious subject of discussion for this text is to marvel at Jesus’ wisdom at such a young age.

That’s not where I want to go today.

I am captured by what isn’t said in this text.

It is most likely that Jesus was around thirty years old when the events of chapter 3 take place. That means he spent 18 years doing something. He quite possibly lived in Nazareth that whole time. Nazareth is not that exciting. It’s a small village in a backwater countryside.

Think about that for a minute. 18 years. My youngest daughter hasn’t even lived 18 years yet. That is a long time.

Jesus obviously knew who he was, or at least that he had a very close relationship with God, when he was twelve. He told Mary and Joseph, “Why were you searching for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house? (Luke 2:49)” So, why did he wait for eighteen years to begin his public ministry? What was he doing?

What are you waiting for today? How will you spend your time? Will you focus on the negative space of what is not yet happening? Or, will you embrace the gift that is today and live fully into it with all that God has made you to be, for right now?

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