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Study the Book of Acts

Jesus rose from the dead, spent some time hanging out with his disciples, then vanished into the clouds. What happens next? How are the disciples supposed to make sense out of his teachings and the scandal of the cross and resurrection? How are Jews and Gentiles supposed to suddenly become brothers and sisters in this […]

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Come and See Worship Series Schedule

Getting Ready to Preach through John

We start preaching through the Gospel of John this weekend, following the Narrative Lectionary. I’m very excited about this because it is my favorite Gospel (don’t tell Matthew, Mark, or Luke). Here is a list of resources to help you dig deeper into John. Resources I’ve created: The Bible Bookshelf One of the main reasons […]

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Gospel Introduction _0001_02

An Introduction to Reading the Gospels

We are about to launch a worship series that walks through the Gospel of John, following the Narrative Lectionary (January – April, 2018). This post is designed to provide you with a general introduction and framework for how to approach the story of Jesus that we find in the Bible, in all of the Gospels. I’ll […]

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The Bible is our Guide not our God

Resources to Study the Bible

  The CORE Worship Series takes us to our second topic this week: The Bible is Our Guide, Not our God. I love talking about the Bible! Here is my initial visual meditation for this week. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy over the past several years building resources on this site to […]

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