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Mystic-church-sect from Troelsch

Embodied Theology

I was reading God, Sexuality, and the Self by Sarah Coakley today. Chapter Four, “The Charismatic Constituency: Embarrassment or Riches?” reports her ethnographic research of two Charismatic congregations in a University town in England. The chapter itself was fascinating in that it provided a helpful example of how to do Trinitarian theology with social science […]

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Book | In Search of Self edited by van Huyssteen and Wiebe

Van Huyssteen, J. Wentzel and Erik P. Wiebe. In Search of Self: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Personhood. Grand Rapids, MI: W.B. Eerdmans Pub., 2011. The following two paragraphs provide a good flavor for this collection of essays that explore the human self in an interdisciplinary conversation. “While neuroscientists like Daniel Siegel, Louis Cozolino, and John Cacioppo […]

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