a place to explore how visuals enhance the craft of preaching

I signed a book contract with Fortress Press to add to the Working Preacher Book Series. They asked me to write a book about using visuals to enhance the craft of preaching.

I need your help.

This page is dedicated to creating a community of preachers and communicators to discuss and learn about the craft of visual communication.

We Wish to See Jesus | An interview with Karoline Lewis

Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis is a pastor and professor of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary. In this interview we talk about the purpose of preaching as a performative act in which the word is embodied. The goal of preaching is to join Mary Magdalene in John 20 and say, “I have seen Jesus.”

Download FREE Resources for the Gospel of Mark

A Cartoonist’s Guide to Mark is an online resource where you can access visual commentaries, PowerPoint files, images, and printable handouts to supplement your study and preaching of the Gospel of Mark. It is keyed to the Narrative Lectionary texts.

Resources for Small Groups and Preachers

Check out my new resource pages for Small Groups, Preachers, and Teachers. They are full of books, images, PowerPoints, downloads, videos, animations, and more.

Interview with Stephanie Williams Obrien | Live a Life Worth Talking About

Pastor Stephanie Williams Obrien is one of the co-founding pastors of Mill City Church. This congregation meets for worship in the auditorium of the Sheridan School in Northeast Minneapolis. They seek to be part of the community, see what God is doing, and join God in it.
She is an adjunct teacher of preaching at Bethel Seminary.
Church planting with Michael Binder.

Don’t Be Bored with Your Own Sermon | Interview with Rolf Jacobson

Rolf Jacobson joins us on the Visual Preacher podcast. Rolf is a Lutheran pastor, a professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN, and a key player in WorkingPreacher.org. This interview takes you behind the scenes at Working Preacher, explores Martin Luther’s use of the artist Cranach in the Reformation, the use of body language in preaching, and lots of other goodies.

Interview with Dr. Mary Hess | Meaning-Making in the Context Collapse

Dr. Mary Hess is a professor of Educational Leadership at Luther Seminary, a Roman Catholic Feminist Theologian, and a premier scholar at the intersection of digital media and faith formation. She has a special passion for the liberative power of storytelling.

Interview with Paul Oman | Drawn to the Word

Paul Oman is a pastor and fabulous artist. Eight years ago he followed God's call to leave the local parish and dedicate his life to proclaiming the Good News through live paintings and cultivating his gifts as a fine artist. I had a chance to sit with Paul for a few...

Interview with Dan Currell | The Power of Finding the Pillar Images

Dan Currell is a lawyer, a professional communicator, and currently serves in the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people all over the world and has given over 1,000 presentations to corporate clients. He is passionate...

Announcing VisualPreacher.com

I am very pleased to announce a new book project. Fortress Press invited me to write a book about using visual in preaching. It will be part of the Working Preacher Book Series. I want to make this a public conversation where I can learn from the experts in visual communication, both practice and theory. Please join the conversation.

A Cartoonist’s Guide to Abraham, Sarah, and Laughter

The Narrative Lectionary drops us toward the end of Abraham and Sarah’s story, in Genesis 18:1-15. This prompted me to create two separate Cartoonist’s Guides this week to help the preacher teach this story.

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