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communicative theology

Book | The Practice of Communicative Theology by Scharer and Hilberath

Scharer, Matthias Hilberath Bernd Jochen. The Practice Of Communicative Theology: Introduction To A New Theological Culture. New York: Crossroad Pub. CO. 2008. The Authors — Matthias Scharer and Bernd Jochen Hilberath My Reflections Sharer and Hilberath are two German, Roman Catholic theologians who have adopted Ruth Cohn’s Theme-Centered Interaction (TCI) model as the means of […]

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entangled trinity

Book | The Entangled Trinity by Ernest Simmons

Simmons, Ernest L. The Entangled Trinity: Quantum Physics and Theology. Minneapolis: Fortress Press. 2014. I need to give a special thanks to my friend, Pastor Kevin Doely, for recommending this book. The Author: Ernest Simmons My Summary Ernest Simmons proposes that Entangled Trinitarian Panentheism is the most helpful model for discussing God and the God-World relationship […]

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blackwell companion to christian spirituality

Article | A Trinitarian Perspective on Christian Spirituality by Mark McIntosh

Mark McIntosh’s work is important to my research. He has done an incredible job of connecting Trinitarian theology to spirituality. This is obviously important to my research question in which I ask how an increased awareness of social Trinity might impact spiritual formation. Holder, Arthur, ed. The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality Blackwell Companions to […]

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