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If you are a working preacher, like me, then you are constantly looking for an image, an illustration, or a good resource to help you write that next sermon or teach that next class.

I am a cartoonist/animator as well as a preacher and theologian. Drawing and animating helps me explore and understand the text more clearly. I have devoted much of my life to creating visual interpretations of scripture and theological conversations and making them freely available to preachers and teachers like you. Scroll down to explore these resources, or use the list to navigate directly to what interests you. Enjoy!


Resources You Can Download and Use Today

I create a series of cartoon style illustrations for almost every sermon I preach. They start in PowerPoint, but because we use Pro Presenter at the church I serve, I always export the slides to .jpg images. I figured, why not bundle the PowerPoint and image packs and make them easy to download for preachers and teachers like you?

This is a labor of love and all of my downloads are either FREE or $1.00. You do have the ability to pay as much as you want. Buy me a cup of coffee, that would be nice. Your generosity will help me keep going to produce more resources for you and your people.


There a two types of downloads:

  • PowerPoint and Image Packs
  • PDFs of Bible Studies that you can print

Use the index to sort through the various categories

Here’s a Sample PowerPoint


Enjoy this playlist of sermons…

Online Resources

Explore Every Book of the Bible

Find cartoons, illustrations, videos, commentaries, and other helpful information about every book of the Bible.

Spiritual Formation

Explore resources that will help you learn to grow deeper in the love of God. I’ve created many tools that dive into spiritual practices, personality types, missional spirituality, and more.


Theology is one of those scary words that either intimidates people or rallies them for a fight. It shouldn’t be that way. Theology is just the process of talking (or doodling) about God.

I have a PhD in Missional Leadership and have written and cartooned my way through such topics as The Trinity, The Church, Luther’s Small Catechsim, The Apostles’ Creed, Postmodern Epistemology, and more.

Teaching Videos

You are welcome to explore my library of videos. Each module below is an ever-growing playlist. Click the playlist menu to expand and explore.

Use them in your small group, teaching, or for personal study. I’d love to hear the ways you have used them.

Classes Recorded with a Live Audience

(great for small group studies)

Bible Mania is a 12-Session course that will walk you through the big story of the Bible with hand motions. It was filmed in one day at Grace Lutheran Church, Andover, MN in October, 2014.

Beginnings is a 7-Session course that will walk you through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy (The Torah). It was filmed at Grace Lutheran Church, Andover, MN in 2015.

How to Study the Bible is a 6-Session course that will teach you the practical tools to study scripture on your own. It was recorded at Easter Lutheran Church, on Zoom, in 2021.

OMG! Can We Talk About God was originally a 6-Session course that will give you an accessible introduction to Theology. It has been broken into 30 smaller videos. It was filmed at Grace Lutheran Church, Andover, MN in 2015.

Animation that Explores The Bible and Theology

a place to explore how visuals enhance the craft of preaching

I signed a book contract with Fortress Press to add to the Working Preacher Book Series. They asked me to write a book about using visuals to enhance the craft of preaching.

I need your help.

This page is dedicated to creating a community of preachers and communicators to discuss and learn about the craft of visual communication.

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