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Archive | Cognitive Development and the Evolving Self


Tending the Generation Gap in Suburban Congregations

I had the privilege to present a paper at the American Academy of Religion Upper Midwest Regional Conference on Saturday. It asks the question: How can the church leader attend to the generational gaps found in suburban congregations, specifically as it relates to spiritual formation in the congregation? I use Robert Kegan’s theory of the […]

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Spiritual Formation, Adult Learning, and the Entangled Trinity

Deep in the Burbs is a story of people in formation. The task of this project—to ask how an increased awareness and understanding of the social Trinity might impact the ideation and praxis of spiritual formation in suburban ELCA congregations—implies that something might be changed, formed, or reformed in the research group—and me—as a result of […]

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Book | In Search of Self edited by van Huyssteen and Wiebe

Van Huyssteen, J. Wentzel and Erik P. Wiebe. In Search of Self: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Personhood. Grand Rapids, MI: W.B. Eerdmans Pub., 2011. The following two paragraphs provide a good flavor for this collection of essays that explore the human self in an interdisciplinary conversation. “While neuroscientists like Daniel Siegel, Louis Cozolino, and John Cacioppo […]

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The Holy Spirit, Twitter, and Practical Wisdom

I believe the Holy Spirit moves through Twitter. I know that sounds weird, but the story I am about to tell is one that has happened often to me. Yesterday I started writing an essay about dualisms and how we can navigate between seemingly polarized opposites. I’ll post it when it is finished. This morning […]

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