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faith formation in a secular age andy root

Faith Formation in a Secular Age by Andy Root | #visualnotes

Andy Root is a professor at Luther Seminary and a thought leader in youth ministry, young adults, family, church, and culture. I had the privilege to hear Andy present the big concepts in his book Faith Formation in a Secular Age at Luther this week. I was on campus all week co-teaching a group of Doctor […]

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Holy Roadblocks and the Intelligence of Emotions

Is there an intelligence of emotions, or do they just lead us blindly into brick walls or over cliffs? Shouldn’t we be strong and smart and able to make our own paths? Are emotional people, especially emotional men, who like to tell stories and create art somehow weaker than “real men” who are grounded in […]

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Spiritual Formation, Adult Learning, and the Entangled Trinity

Deep in the Burbs is a story of people in formation. The task of this project—to ask how an increased awareness and understanding of the social Trinity might impact the ideation and praxis of spiritual formation in suburban ELCA congregations—implies that something might be changed, formed, or reformed in the research group—and me—as a result of […]

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