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Archive | How Do We Think?

This category explores the postfoundational perspective. How do we navigate between the rigidity of absolutism and the emptiness of relativism?


Your Brain and a PhD

Here’s what I learned after getting a Ph.D. When I started, this is how I thought about knowledge. My brain is like a jug that gets filled with information. Then I started the PhD program, and this is what I experienced… Knowledge is not something to be acquired and contained. It is a vast sea […]

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Holy Roadblocks and the Intelligence of Emotions

Is there an intelligence of emotions, or do they just lead us blindly into brick walls or over cliffs? Shouldn’t we be strong and smart and able to make our own paths? Are emotional people, especially emotional men, who like to tell stories and create art somehow weaker than “real men” who are grounded in […]

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The Holy Spirit, Twitter, and Practical Wisdom

I believe the Holy Spirit moves through Twitter. I know that sounds weird, but the story I am about to tell is one that has happened often to me. Yesterday I started writing an essay about dualisms and how we can navigate between seemingly polarized opposites. I’ll post it when it is finished. This morning […]

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