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National Novel Writing Month Begins #NaNoWriMo

The final hours of October are evaporating. I dedicated this month to inktober. It was a fun challenge to create a new pen and ink drawing each day. It really got the creative juices flowing. “Now what?” you ask. Well, I’ve decided to plunge into another creative challenge. It’s called National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo). […]

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Holy Roadblocks and the Intelligence of Emotions

Is there an intelligence of emotions, or do they just lead us blindly into brick walls or over cliffs? Shouldn’t we be strong and smart and able to make our own paths? Are emotional people, especially emotional men, who like to tell stories and create art somehow weaker than “real men” who are grounded in […]

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Double Geek Moment | Scrivener is Amazing!

A couple weeks ago a colleague of mine–Alex Blondeau–introduced me to a new piece of software that I geeked out on at two levels…maybe even three. The software is called Scrivener. It is designed for writers. It simulates the non-linear creative process of scribbling notes on index cards and pinning them to a cork board […]

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