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A Sketch of an article by Kieran Scott “Alternating Currents: Sacramental and Prophetic Imagining and Church Education”

Kieran Scott‘s article “Alternating Currents: Sacramental and Prophetic Imagining and Church Education” in Religious Education, offers a hopeful framework for the local church to educate people in the emerging post-modern context. He argues that we must embrace two seemingly contradictory imaginations and hold them in constant tension, like alternating currents. On the one side is […]

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Spiritual Formation, Adult Learning, and the Entangled Trinity

Deep in the Burbs is a story of people in formation. The task of this project—to ask how an increased awareness and understanding of the social Trinity might impact the ideation and praxis of spiritual formation in suburban ELCA congregations—implies that something might be changed, formed, or reformed in the research group—and me—as a result of […]

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Book | Sharing Faith by Thomas Groome

Groome, Thomas H. Sharing Faith: A Comprehensive Approach to Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry: The Way of Shared Praxis. 1st ed. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1991. The Author Areas of Interest: His primary areas of interest and research are the history, theory and practice of religious education, pastoral ministry and practical theology. About: Dr. Thomas H. […]

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