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Lutherans in the Suburbs

The Deep in the Burbs Research Project is a story of a particular place in Midwest suburbia. It was necessary to pursue this research in a specific location, through participatory action research within three neighboring congregations, because it is my assumption that a reasonably adequate Christian theology is done in, with, under, against, and for the […]

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New Study Shows Major Changes Coming to the Twin Cities Suburbs

The Star Tribune ran an opinion piece in yesterday’s paper that highlights an important demographic study commissioned by the Met Council. (read the simplified report or the actual Demographic study – Trends, Preferences, and Opportunities) The following is the executive summary from the report: “For the metro area as a whole and the central and […]

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The Geese are Back | An Easter Meditation on Life in the Suburbs

The weather cooperated nicely with Easter yesterday. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was bright, and warm, and unhindered by clouds. The air was dry and warm. Sounds of life buzzed through the still naked, but hopeful trees. Shoots of green stretched up from the dirt, yawning from a long, long […]

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Experiencing the Disruptive Nature of the Spirit

Part of my research focuses on exploring the sense-making process of walking with the Spirit in community (specifically, how this works in the suburbs). Let me walk through the events and conversations of the last week in an effort to make some provisional sense from it for my own life, for my research, and for […]

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