It is New Year’s Day. This is the time to look back and reflect on the previous year and dream about what may come this year. I took some time this morning to review my blog posts from 2019. There were a lot.

It is hard to believe that one year ago this website crashed and I thought all was lost (read my SOS message). I am so thankful for Sara Williams for rebuilding my site. Had God not brought her into the picture to salvage my personal site, we wouldn’t be in a position to build relaunch. More about that later.

Below are the posts that highlight the year for me.

We started the year launching into a study of the Gospel of Matthew. That was a fun preaching series and experiment to make a Graphic Novel online and in print. As you scroll through these posts (and two of my favorited sermons of the year), notice how we end where we began.

Happy New Year!

Are You Ready for Matthew?
Braving the Wilderness with Brene Brown and Jesus
Should A Pastor Be An Artist?
Why Are We Doing a Community Mural?
Christ is Risen, and The Mural is Done!
An Augmented Confirmation
Broken Fence, Open Door | A Sermon for Trinity Sunday 2019
You Will Be Found | A Sermon from Luke 15 and Dear Evan Hansen
The Matthew Graphic Novel is Now in Print
Plen Air Painting in Guatemala
Calling All Preachers…Can You Help Me Write This Book?
Why I Don’t Want to Be The Lead Pastor | A Sermon on Calling from Exodus 3:1-15
Why Would God Let a 13-Year-Old Die?
Explore The Gospel of Mark in Graphic Novel Style

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