One of the many amazing things that happened on the Day of Pentecost in Act 2:1-4 was that the disciples were able to speak in languages that were not their native tongue. This was a powerful symbol of how the Holy Spirit was being poured out on all nations and unifying the world.

We live in a world where a whole new language is rapidly evolving. It is the digital language of online social media and social learning environments. This is the native language of the youth growing up in the church. We, as teachers in the church, must allow the Spirit to speak this language through us.

This month I am excited, and a bit nervous, to announce the launch of a new experiment. I’ve been working on a social learning website that will “flip the classroom” for the Confirmation process. Students will now be able to track their own progress on the Journey to Confirmation as they earn badges and complete quests. They will be able to interact with their small groups online, play learning games, and access all the course curriculum on any device.

Please pray for me and the church I serve as we do a soft launch of the website over the summer and fully implement it this fall. We have over 300 students and 50 adult mentors in our program, so it will be an interesting challenge to shift the culture to this new platform.

I intend to blog about the process and the technology as the project unfolds. Share this with anyone you think might be interested. For those interested in the technical side of things, here are the specs:

Taking the Journey together…

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