This week we will preach on Matthew 4:1-17. The key text is vv. 1-11 where Jesus is led into the wilderness for 40 days and faces temptation. You can see my visual commentary on it at the Cartoonist’s Guide to Matthew. Today, however, I want to share a video that interviews Brene Brown about her book Braving the Wilderness. I’ll talk more this week about how Jesus’ wilderness experience lines up with this talk. For now, enjoy the video.

Here are my notes from the video. This is such an important conversation.

Trust is the big issue.

Accountability – going directly to the person, not back channels
Vault – keeping things confidential and not sharing other’s stories that are not ours to tell
Integrity – choosing courage over comfort
Generosity – when something happens, I assume positive intent

“in the absence of data we will always make up stories”

Rehumanizing, not dehumanizing

“When we use dehumanizing language it says much more about us than the people that we’re railing against and it chips away at our soul.”

The wilderness is the third way, not hating either side.

conflict transformation
“opting out of speaking out because we may get criticized is the definition of privilege.”

“I’m not going to let my imperfection move me away from the conversation because it’s too important.”

“at the end of the day, at the end of the week, and the end of my life I want to be abel to say that I contributed more than I criticized.”

“Shame never drives positive behavior. What shame drives is rage, anger, rationalization, and blame.”

“if the only two tools that you have in your tool bag are shame or coddle, that’s a sorry-ass tool bag.”

“It really is going to take a million acts of kindness and consciousness to change this.”

“If you need me to be someone different than who I am, it’s not gonna be successful.”

“our worth and our belonging are not negotiated with other people. We carry those inside of our hearts.”

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