We will preach through the Gospel of Matthew, following the Narrative Lectionary, beginning the weekend after Christmas (December 29/30). We’re calling the series “Finding Our Way.” The title was born out of three realities:

  1. The Gospel of Matthew presents a new kind of Kingdom about which and into which Jesus is revealing/reminding and inviting the reader.
  2.  We don’t like the language of Kingdom in our world today (it doesn’t communicate the same message as it did back then), so we didn’t want to title the series “An Upside Down Kingdom” or something like that.
  3. Easter Lutheran Church is in a time of transition as our interim lead pastor is helping us find our way into the new place God is calling us.

We felt that “Finding Our Way” plays on both levels of a new quest for the spaces Jesus invited us to inhabit in God’s world.

I have set a personal challenge for myself. I would like to illustrate the entire Gospel of Matthew in a Graphic Novel format as we journey through the book. The discipline helps me study the text, and the final product might be helpful for others. I’ve already created the first three pages.

Here are two resources to help you prepare for our journey in the new year:

  1. An introduction to Reading the Gospels
  2. A Cartoonists Guide to Matthew


Here’s a sample of the first page.

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