If you have spent any time around my blog or in earshot of my teaching ministry, then you know that I geek out about the Trinity. The Social Trinity was the theological underpinning of my dissertation. (Geek out here)

So, of course, the Trinity wove its way into my Inktober experience. Here is the simple ink drawing I did in October. This image is actually about 4” x 4”…pretty small.

When I traveled to St. Louis at the beginning of November, I decided to spend the plane ride coloring this image. I brought it into the Procreate app on my iPad, and this is what I got.

This image combines four ideas.

  1. The names Lover, Beloved, and Love come from Augustine’s De Trinitate.
  2. The pattern follows a classic Celtic Trinity Knot. I love Celtic knots.
  3. The images on each arm reflect my own thinking about the role of each person in the trinity. See if you can note the uniqueness of each person.
  4. The word LIFE in the center reflects the point of the social trinity. Life itself, and all creation, emerges from the dynamic relationality of the triune God.


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