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Spontaneous Animation

The urge to create often overwhelms me. This happened yesterday. I’ve been on vacation for the past week. We stayed home and spent lots of time working in the yard and enjoying our pool (why spend money to go somewhere when you’ve got a nice back yard, right?) Then it hit me. I woke up […]

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Come and See | the Graphic Novel

A fun thing evolved this year. It is my weekly habit to create some form of mind map whenever I study a text to preach. Honestly, I make one whenever I think about anything, because I am a visual thinker. Our lead pastor asked if I would make one for every week’s sermon topic, even […]

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Trinity Knot November 2017

A Trinity Knot

If you have spent any time around my blog or in earshot of my teaching ministry, then you know that I geek out about the Trinity. The Social Trinity was the theological underpinning of my dissertation. (Geek out here) So, of course, the Trinity wove its way into my Inktober experience. Here is the simple […]

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#inktober2017 is Finished!

31 days of inking. The challenge is to create one new original pen and ink drawing each day of October. The purpose is to improve one’s inking skills. Thank you Jake Parker for starting this artist’s challenge. I actually did it this year. Here is my gallery of drawings. I learned a lot and had tons […]

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