Last summer Kristin Anderson contacted me and connected me with Jeannine Brown, a professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary. Jeannine has taught hermeneutics for a while and had put together a live presentation that incorporated real people in real time to communicate the concept of how hermeneutics is a peopled endeavor. She had a vision for creating a piece that would accomplish the same goal, but could live in video and be utilized for various teaching venues. Kristin knew me from when she was my program director for the In-Ministry M.Div program at Bethel and knew my love for animation and teaching.

Take Kristin’s connections, Jeannine’s vision and script, and my animation, put them together, mix them with a Grant from the Bethel Seminary Alumni, and viola, you get the following animation. Special thanks to Ebony Ramquist–one of Jeannine’s seminary students–for doing the voice over, and to my son, Ethan Thomason, for being the sound engineer.

Thanks, Jeanine, for making this public.

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