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Animation is the illusion of still images moving so quickly that the brain stitches it together as fluid motion. I have been captivated by animation since I was a child. I have had the privilege of producing some commercial animation for clients. Full-blown animation is time consumiing and costly, so I currently amuse myself with animated sketches on my iPad. Enjoy!


Spontaneous Animation

The urge to create often overwhelms me. This happened yesterday. I’ve been on vacation for the past week. We stayed home and spent lots of time working in the yard and enjoying our pool (why spend money to go somewhere when you’ve got a nice back yard, right?) Then it hit me. I woke up […]

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This, That, and Paradox | A Simple Introduction to Communicative Rationality

Ideas often unfold for me while I’m walking. Last Thursday morning this video unfolded in my mind. It has three origins: The final sermon in the series on Job is coming up over Labor Day weekend. The wisdom of Job leads us to the deep, paradoxical mystery of God and reality. Richard Rohr’s meditations were […]

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