The fire has been rekindled. The Nectar Trilogy has sat dormant since 2010. I released book One: Pleroma that year. Then, I wrote the first draft of book two in 2011. However, that was the same year that I entered the PhD program at Luther Seminary and had to stop the process. There has not been much room for fiction writing since then.

All that changes this year.

I plan to finish the manuscript of Book 2: Amo this year. 

You are invited to join me on this journey as I post snippets of text and Nectar-related art throughout the year.

If you’ve never read Pleroma, this is your chance.

My publishing source has added a new feature. Now I can sell books directly from the printhouse, thus eliminating the mark-up of the retailer. That let’s me get the book to you for a reduced rate.

If you buy from me, the price is $9.95 + shipping.

Thomason, Steve

Buy from Amazon and it is $15.95 + shipping (unless you have Amazon Prime)

Either way, if you have read the book, or when you do, please head over to Amazon and leave a good reveiw!

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