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The Doodled Dissertation

Sunni Brown says that doodling is an intellectual activity (see her TED talk). This declaration comes as a welcomed validation since I doodled my way through every class in the PhD program. Not only that, I doodled through my dissertation. You can view the entire dissertation here. Below are photos of the doodles that made it into the printed version. I was so excited to see that the bindery actually printed the dissertation in full color. Very cool.

So, power to the doodle! Read more about doodling and visual notes here. I’d love to see your doodles.

Also, in the spirit of doodling, I’ve decided to participate in a 30-Day challenge called #inktober. I’m posting my daily ink drawing on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Learn more about #inktober here.

Enjoy the gallery.

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  • Richard Lindeman October 6, 2016 at 11:51 am

    I have never been a doodler and am actually somewhat jealous of those who are able to doodle. They are no doubt visual thinkers who are able to focus their thoughts sharply in this way. When a speaker talks about abstract concepts the doodler makes what is being said more substantive and real perhaps through the use of concrete drawings. When the speaker is speaking concretely the doodler might be giving imaginative wings to what is being said.

    I know the advantages of doodling, but it is unfortunately not for me. :-(. I might use emoticons occasionally to express my feelings, but that is really not a doodle. I have neither the artistic skill or inclination to doodle. Rather, I am an abstract thinker to the extreme whose mind often wanders in totally new and different directions from what is being said and often for the purpose of problem solving. Not sure if I can communicate this properly, but where doodling might be a powerful tool for some people, for me it just doesn’t work and in fact might be a hinderance to my own channels of creativity.

  • Richard Lindeman October 6, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Having said that… I love the visual teaching style of Pastor Steve!

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