Complaining to God

Complaining to God

Our Good Life Series brings us to the topic of Emotions this week. Emotions in church? Maybe the Pentecostals are into that, but this is a Lutheran church full of people descended from Scandanavians. It’s more like the first church of Vulcan than a place where...
A Sermon on Emotions from the Good Life Series

Poetry, Art, Love and Hatred

Several collections of words and images converged on me this morning. I try to pay attention when this happens and see what God is trying to say through the connections. I will spell out the sequence, highlight some key points, and then invite you to see what...

Love, Tears, Bono, and Eugene Peterson

I’m not sure why I wept as I watched this video. Perhaps it is because I preached the funeral of a 19-year old young man yesterday and my heart is torn open and I’m raw. Perhaps it is because I just said goodbye to my 21-year old daughter who visited for...
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