What Makes Jesus Want to Puke?

The Narrative Lectionary Text for today is Revelation 3:14-22. It is my almost daily habit to click over to clergy stuff and get the text for the day to begin my quiet time. This morning I read this passage through the lens of having to preach tonight and tomorrow...
Love in the Face of Racism | A Sermon from the Good Life Series

A Visual Meditation on Love

We are preaching about love this weekend. Here is a visual meditation I did yesterday. Pray for Pastor Brandon and me as he preaches on the Hill and I preach by the Lake. Love and peace to you.

Love, Hate, and the Good Life

The past few days has been a bizarre contrast of events for me. On one side there was love. I spent the weekend with twelve families from Easter at a family camp at Wapo. It was oozing with love and community. Yesterday we taught our first two sessions at Confirmation...
Speaking the Truth in Love

Speaking the Truth in Love

Paul’s definition of maturity and unity in the body of Christ is the ability to speak the truth in love. Truth without love is cold, harsh, and often cruel. Love without truth is sentimental and often enabling.