Today was supposed to be the deadline for my book on using visuals in preaching. Fortress Press reached out to me in the Spring of 2019 and asked if I would submit a book proposal for a piece that would be part of the Working Preacher Book Series. They wanted a book that helped preachers understand why and how to use visuals in the craft of preaching.

We signed the deal one year ago. I went gang busters last fall. We created and the Visual Preacher Facebook Group. I created a series of YouTube Interviews with scholars and preachers. Oh, and I wrote about 10,000 words of the 20,000 word goal.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to finishing the book. Two things happened, actually. 

First, I got really distracted by illustrating the Gospel of Mark as we preached through the Narrative Lectionary at the beginning of this year. That turned into another Graphic Novel called A Cartoonist’s Guide to Mark.

Second, this little thing called a pandemic sent the whole world into a tailspin for a while. Suddenly, we were all reinventing the art of leading worship and being a local congregation during a total lock-down.

On top of all that, the church I serve was in a two-year interim while we searched for a new lead pastor.

Let’s just say it was a stressful Spring.

My editor from Fortress Press reached out about a month ago and said that FP was restructuring some things. They proposed that my book get set back to a later publishing date.

Praise God!

Now, my new deadline for the manuscript is April 1, 2021. I plan to get refocused this fall and finish writing and illustrating the book (yes, it will have visuals!).

If you’ve read this far, you might be interested to join our community at the Visual Preacher Facebook Group. Jump in, the water’s great!

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