Walk through the events of Jesus’ final week (according to the Gospel of Mark) in this

9-page full-color graphic novel



(also comes with a .zip file containing all images for use in other applications).

There are two ways to access these files.

Option ONE: a la carte

I am committed to making these resources free for anyone to use. You can pick and choose each individual page, with its corresponding PowerPoint, for free. Enjoy!

Click on the Title of each page to view the full visual commentary.

Note: each “handout” link goes to the same 9-page graphic novel PDF.

Triumphal Entry Mark 11:1-26  – PowerPoint | Handout

Jesus and the Leaders p.1 Mark 11:27-12:27  – PowerPoint | Handout

Jesus and the Leaders p.2 Mark 12:28-44  – PowerPoint | Handout

The End of the Age Mark 13:1-37  – PowerPoint | Handout

The Last Supper and Gethsemane Mark14:1-40  – PowerPoint | Handout

On Trial with High Priest Mark 14:41-72  – PowerPoint | Handout

On Trial with Pilate Mark 15:1-20  – PowerPoint | Handout

Crucifixion Mark 15:21-41  – PowerPoint | Handout

Resurrection Mark 15:42-16:8 – PowerPoint | Handout

Option TWO: Mega Pack

If you want everything–The Graphic Novel AND all 61 slides–in ONE CLICK, then you want the MEGA PACK.

One click, one download, it’s all yours.

The size of this download requires me to charge a fee. You can pay $5.00, or whatever more you would like to donate to the ongoing production of these resources.

A Cartoonist's Guide to Mark

Join the journey from January – April 2020 as we follow the Narrative Lectionary through the Gospel of Mark. Each week a new page of this graphic novel style visual commentary will unfold.


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