The Narrative Lectionary makes another huge leap this week. We move from Jacob wrestling with the Angel of the Lord in Genesis 32:22-32 last week all the way to Moses and the Burning Bush in Exodus 3:1-15 this week. 

A lot happens between those stories. Let’s walk through it, shall we.

Genesis 12-50 is the story of Abraham and Sarah’s family. Here is the family tree…

We fade out on the book of Genesis with Joseph resettling Jacob’s family in the land of Goshen within the Empire of Egypt.

Fade to black…


A new Pharaoh rises to power and has forgotten Jospeh and his family. He sees the Israelites as a threat and orders the execution of all baby boys.

Moses (means “drawn out”) is saved because he is placed in a small ark. He is taken in by the Pharoah’s daughter and raised as a Prince of Egypt until adulthood.

One day he notices the injustices inflicted upon his people. He lashes out in rage and murders an Egyption.

He has to run.

The Midianites are also descendants of Abraham, from another woman. Moses finds shelter, a wife, and becomes a shepherd.

One day, while tending the sheep in the wilderness, Moses notices something…

Exodus 3:1-15

You can download all these images in a PowerPoint file AND a pack of .jpg images. Feel free to use them in your preaching, teaching, or personal study.

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