Photo Nov 18, 11 51 14 AMIf you heard a little psychic “Yippee!” it was probably me when I saw my dissertation bound and sitting on the shelf in the library at Luther Seminary.

This journey began in February, 2007 when I heard a strange voice at 3:00am say, “Steve, move to Minnesota and get a Ph.D.” I had no idea how or where to make that happen, but we moved anyway. Today, it sits on the shelf.

Thank you, Lord, Lona, Mom, Dad, kids, Grace Lutheran, and all my financial benefactors and friends.

The graduation banquet is on December 6, and commencement is on May 22. Those don’t matter as much to me as this little blue book nestled amongst the others. The amazing thing, to me, is that they actually printed it in color. Enjoy the gallery below. It’s the little things in life that keep you going, right?

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