Singing together has been a huge part of the fabric of my family from the very beginning. Lona and I sang to each other as we walked the streets of Chicago in our early dating days. It is a common occurrence for our whole family to break out in a show tune or favorite song at any moment. One of the famous quotes from our family comes from my oldest when one day, in a fit of exasperation, said, “Of all the movie genres I could be born into…it had to be a musical!” Classic.

Last night I got to experience this in a new dynamic. A couple of weeks ago Lona was visiting her sisters in Denver. Ethan and I decided to hang out together and learn the song Hey Brother by Avicii. We were playing along and Micki wandered into the studio and started harmonizing with us. Ethan said, “Hey, we’re doing a fundraising concert for our Choir trip to Chicago in a couple of weeks. We should perform this there. Mr. Geiger said anybody can participate.” We invited Leah to play drums for us, and–boom–we had ourselves a little act.

The concert was last night, and it was a blast. All the acts were amazing. I love, love, love watching these high school students perform. Such talent! We were the only Von Trappish act in the mix, so that was pretty cool. Thanks to Mr. Geiger for letting us play, to Lona for filming it, and to my wonderful children for letting us share our family sing-along with the Coon Rapids Choir family.


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