I have to confess that yesterday was a really good day. Both of my worlds came together in a way that I’ve always dreamed about. Imagine this: I got to spend the entire day in my studio making an animation…for my PhD dissertation! Oh yeah.

The Action Research project upon which my dissertation is based involves taking a group of people, introducing them to a way of thinking about God, and then exploring how this idea might impact their ideas and practices of spiritual formation. The method for introducing the idea is, of course, animated movies.

People have told me over the years that my unique contribution to the church is the ability to take complex ideas and make them accessible. I’ve dreamed for so many years to be able to use cartooning to teach the Bible and Theology (that is why we tried to create VibbleSpace). Now that I’m doing it for my PhD, and my advisor loves it…well, that’s just a little piece of heaven right there.

I’ll share the work I’m doing once the research team has gone through it. They’ll be done at the end of March.

By the way, if you are an active participant in Grace Lutheran in Andover, Zion Lutheran in Anoka, or Faith Lutheran in Coon Rapids, then I invite you to join me in the Action Research Team. Learn more…

Here’s a sneak peak of three frames from the middle section. hee hee…





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