OK. I admit it. I am a blog junkie. There are three blogs total that claim me as the author. They all overlap, but each has its own specific purpose. The circumstances of my life dictate which one gets the most attention at any given moment.

Yesterday I entered into the last semester of my PhD coursework. That means I’ll be spending most of my blog time at the “other site.”

Here’s a quick run down of the three blogs, and why they exist (more on the “why” at the end).

stevethomason.com – This is my personal blog on which I post anything I want. It might be personal updates, I might geek out about some new piece of technology, or I might post a piece of art I got to squeeze into my life, like here and here. People who find me on this site are most likely old friends, old clients from when I was an illustrator, bill collectors, or hit men.

vibblespace.com – This is my theological sketchbook. It is the place where my theological/teacher self mashes up with my artist self and I put anything and everything I do that pertains to Biblical Studies, Theology, and Spiritual Formation. I also post all my sermons and thketches there.

deepintheburbs.com – This is the most focused of all my blogs. It is specifically centered around my PhD Dissertation and all the research that is moving toward its completion. That is where I’ll spend most of my time between now and May. Stop in and join the conversation if you are interested in Spirituality in the Suburbs.

If you’re still reading this post, then you might be interested in the answer to why I blog. Perhaps it is because I have an existential angst about my mortality and hope to gain some sort of immortality through my cyber existence. Then again, it might have to do with my Enneagrammatic 4-ish-ness that longs to be special and have people see all the things that I do and go “oooh.” Or, on a more noble note, it could be that I believe that all knowledge is communal and information is meant to be shared freely with all people. And, on a spiritual note, perhaps I blog because I believe God has given me the gift of teaching and art and posting in cyberspace is one outlet to use those gifts for the equipping of the body of Christ and the world.

The truth is…it’s all of the above. There’s one more reason. I think its really fun!

See you in the ‘burbs!


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